What’s a "Passive House"?

What is this Passive House, Passivehouse, Passivhaus?

 Quite simply it's the most stringent, highest certified building performance standard in the World. The Passive House designation combines time-honored design principles with advanced performance standards to produce homes with the most comfort for the least amount of energy needed.   

Components of a Passive House 

Superinsulation, airtight envelope, energy recovery ventilation, no thermal bridging, triple-pane windows, passive solar and "Itty bitty" heat & air units. Sometimes, a new design is so innovative that is completely obliterates all we know about the original object…  PassiveHouse is a totally new enhancement of our passive solar homes of the ‘70‘s… 


In short, homes are built using a true systems approach - proper siting to take full advantage of passive solar gains, adding super-tight construction, eliminating thermal bridging, adding super-insulation and leading edge windows and doors – a whole house “system”.

 Benefits of a Passive House

Remarkably Low Energy Use

  Passive House uses only 10% heating/cooling energy than that of a house built to standard codes, saving homeowners thousands of dollars a year in utility costs.

High Indoor Air Quality

  You’ll breathe better every day. The home’s stale indoor air is replaced with clean fresh oxygenated air every 2 hours.


Comfortable Consistent Indoor Temperatures

  Irritating drafts and hot / cold spots are eliminated thru the super tight construction and the absence of thermal bridging.


Operational Savings

  Utility bills – really small. 90% less than standard homes.

  Maintenance – tight building envelope reduces typical associated costs.

  Conventional mechanical systems – eliminated. 



  Globally, more than 25,000 buildings have been constructed using Passive House principles. In fact, many European countries have already or are in process of making it their standard building code.

What about Costs?

* On April 4, 2011, Dr. Wolfgang Feist in Darmstadt Germany, emailed us his congratulatory impression of the cost & caliber of AnchorageBuilding's NC PassiveHouses: “No higher costs than standard custom home but much less energy required - a real solution!”

Chris says that truly, “passive survivability should be a a given in residential design & construction these days”.

“I would not give a Fig... for Simplicity on This Side of Complexity, give me Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity.” -OW Holmes

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