Custom Residential

“Orientation, orientation, orientation” is the new “Location, location, location”. ~Chris Senior

Why is proper siting of your building so important?:  We at Anchorage Builders are uniquely adept at adapting a home to its site, referring all solar aspects, prevailing breezes, and available vistas into early conversations with clients.  All clients want their home to be healthy, have low operating costs and have wonderful views from functional locations within the home.  Seasonal solar orientation is free and enduring when thought-through.  We have no shortage of warming healing Sun here!  Why not think it through and utilize it for winter heat, summer shading/cooling and year-round daylighting?  ...Why not site the house “like a sundial - that tells time at noon every day”, Chris says, and to achieve summer shade and winter sunshine - indoors?  The right utilization of Old Sol and other sustainable ingredients can bring so much more comfort, joy and value for very little extra construction cost.

  How can a building emanate such a nice comfortable feeling?:  There is no project too large or too small for us, as long as you want the highest quality, unique features, and are honest and realistic with your expectations and budget.  Our crews are proud of what we all accomplish each day.  We build intelligent homes and offices, artfully, with soul and feeling.

  We hope that our clients will let us help them, from early-on: in the site selection, orientation, design, value engineering and planning stages whenever possible.  There is so much to plan for and think over, most of which is second nature to us now.  We can help your architect design the home around your budget.  And it really helps us to “eat, breathe and sleep” it before we ever start construction.  Our client/builder team approach makes for a wonderful memorable building experience for us all.

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