The Custom Process


"Happy ballplayers hit home runs." -Yogi Berra  

Positive Reinforcement:  Senior says that, "on our jobsites, there is always a "good air", where each team knows one another, and it is always "hail fellow well met" when each sequential crew shows up. There's lots of laughter and lots of pride.  Anyone who visits our sites always comments on how extraordinarily nice everyone is".


    Chris explains, "We are of the belief that this happy attitude on-site ends up in the ethers of the home.  So we try our utmost to maintain it.  After we're gone, we've been told countless times that there's a tranquil "good feeling" when one enters an Anchorage-built home".  He says that they often describe the feeling of "a weight lifted off".  He offers that, "Maybe it's just the high ceilings, or the unique lighting, or the maximized vistas through the windows, but then again, maybe it's truly "in the ethers", as well !"...


So now..... how to get your home built here, either locally, or from afar...


I. Builder Selection:  Look for personality, chemistry, and a quality history.  I'd look for the builder that has great listening skills, yet has broad experience for suggestions and ideas.  The ideal builder would be "naturally circuited to help" and would have your best interests at heart.  To build a new home, there is a lot of cooperation and trust required of both parties.  Once you and Anchorage have chosen one another, here’s what to do...


II. Homesite Selection:

Already have your land? – Great! As part of our building services, we will gladly walk your homesite with you, your architect and designer. In fact, we insist on it. We want the home to be sited properly among trees and topography, seasonal sun and vistas.

Looking for land? - Great! We are familiar with available tracts ranging from 1 acre and up. In fact, you may want to check out the Available Homesites tab for a sampling. Walking land and exploring the possibilities are much fun for us.

III. House Plan Design: We can help a lot in this phase, for free, by helping to value-engineer the design while in process. The design source can begin with ideas from planbooks and magazines, but are finalized by an architect.  We are not beholden to any but can recommend some of the nicest, coolest architects around. We want the home to be sited properly among trees and topography, seasonal sun and vistas, with mapping and plotting help from a surveyor.


IV. Pricing:  Talk with us.

The goal:  the builder and client have had a most enjoyable experience, correspond and remain great friends, and reminisce fondly about their beautiful collaboration for years to come!


How to be a Great Client:

    Super clients would be endlessly appreciative of all the seen and unseen thought and effort that is funneled toward their dream.  (A lot of our work is "after hours, behind the scenes", on the phone or computer - scheduling, coordinating, motivating).  Regarding money, particularly Allowance money, you'd ideally be timely, decisive, and realistic on your Allowance choices and their costs.  When requested, our suppliers fax us written Quotes after our visits.  You, the perfect client, would then keep track of your Allowance tallies - to simply avoid any  "sticker shock" later.  We are only the "messenger" on wholesale Allowance item costs and their installation - there is no "markup".  The other key way for a client to avoid cost increases is to NOT CHANGE ANYTHING once construction has begun!  Changes always have a "negative ripple effect", can impede progress, and dramatically interrupt the critical path of the construction schedule sequence.

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