Greenbuilding Pioneer

  Chris Senior is a Chapel Hill NC native but has lived around the world.  His passive solar and alternative energy education began at Appalachian State in the early ’70’s.  He’s led advanced GREEN BUILDING in NC since 1993.   He says“we view the whole structure as a system that's in a rhythm with the Earth’s calibrated seasonal swaying to and fro - not a collection of unrelated disparate parts”…  Anchorage Builders can provide the greenest of plaques;  PassiveHouse, DOE NetZeroReadyLeadership Energy Efficient Design, the National GreenBuilding Standard, etc., for your custom residence or commercial project.

   "Carbon neutrality in homes is attainable", particularly in a certified Passive House - which typically uses only 80% the comparable power for a very similar custom construction cost…  Chris obtained the rare and difficult "Certified PassiveHouse Consultant" (CPHC) certifications from both the Passive House Institute US  (’09) & the PHI in Germany (’09).  Many of the super-efficient homes we’ve built lately have been augmented with PhotoVoltaic panels to achieve “zero-net-energy-cost” or even “net-positive” - selling more electricity to the grid than is used.  Chris says that “now, it only takes a few panels to put a PassiveHouse over the top!”

  “We strive to use the very best construction products, methods and weatherproof applications possible.  Our construction business was founded in the harsh, humid, windy, salty coastal environment.  There’s none tougher.  "That has schooled us well about the importance of thinking-through the use of the most sensible ingredients and applications”, says Senior.


  Solar Green Building:  For 25 years Anchorage Builders have been steadily referred to as one of “the very greenest builders” in the SE US.  Thanks, we’ve earned it.  It’s difficult, but it’s right.  We’ve built this way every day “long before green was cool”.  You can "tell time” with many of our homes, sited like sundials, every day of the year.  “Spinning out here in the Cosmos, untethered, the Earth’s rocking and spinning is surprisingly more accurate than the best clock”, says Senior.  We attain low operating costs for you, and you get to help the environment - by using appropriate technologies and local sustainable materials whenever and wherever reasonable and possible.

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