Advanced Building Science meets Fine Craftsmanship, here in NC... We build unique artful custom low-maintenance high-comfort homes that sip energy, at a refreshingly precocious value.

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  You care about sustainability. You care about leaving a legacy for your children and theirs. So do we. We just happen to build homes, the very best we can, with the help of the most talented dedicated local professionals. Our specialty is applying the most Energy Efficient Building Standard in the World, “PassiveHouse”.  Through an aggressive program of continuous advanced industry education and studiously-applied fieldwork, daily for more than a quarter-century, AnchorageBuilders has helped lead greenbuilding in NC by example.  We steadily introduce sensible new - and reinvigorate successful old - functional, beautiful architectural approaches, energy-sipping technologies, sustainable products and well-thought-through construction applications to the greater Chapel Hill NC area, and soon maybe a family-run outpost in Chattanooga TN.

Your Home = Incredible Comfort + Extreme Energy Efficiency.

Our Business Focus = Affordable Sustainability.

Our Goal = To “Build you the Most for the Least”. 


    Our CustomBuilding process is very friendly & unique.  We utilize the simplest fairest business arrangement that we know of, in order to build you “the most for the least”.  In the conceptual phase we helpfully volunteer time for value-engineering with you and our designer, or your architect, as a team, early-on, determining the very best construction methods and most sensible materials for your new home and desired budget.  This deliberate planning can make all space useful and your entire home functional and simple to operate.  A home that takes care of you!  Talk with us, you’ll see!


...a delighted Pittsboro NC family says: We are enchanted by the home you created with us.  It is at once seamless, beautiful, welcoming, colorful, cheerful, bright, whimsical, natural, enticing, and cozy.  ...Y’all KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK!”




...”by far, one of North Carolina's most innovative and intriguing builders”!

Leading greenbuilding in the southeastern US for the last 25 years, we’ve built the first and most NetZero’s and Certified PassiveHouses (PH) in North Carolina.  PH is new - it’s the highest performance-based building-science construction standard in the World!  PH utilizes extreme “nature-synced high-performance” in both design and construction.  You’ll be enthralled with your Low-Load fortress that’s so incredibly comfortable, oxygenated & quiet!

  Founded in the sunny, salty, humid, harsh, hurricane-prone coastal environment of Wilmington NC, we’ve learned the importance of micro-focusing on stout, sturdy, weatherproof, low-maintenance green-building techniques, while integrating über-efficient comfort systems.  In 25+ years in the industry, we’ve also learned to seek out and treasure the most key element in the equation - the magically motivating reciprocity of working with fun, happy, thankful clients.

We will build your safe port in the storm...  with compassionate selfless Anchorage love!