We specialize in building homes that offer a radical reduction in energy consumption.  Trailblazing trendsetters, we built the first 3 Certified Passive Houses in North Carolina & a baker’s dozen more "Passive-ish” homes.  This most advanced building standard in the world is “Passive House”. They are high performance, low maintenance, superinsulated, extremely comfortable, quiet, oxygenated, beautiful homes.

Through an aggressive program of continuous cutting-edge industry education and studiously-applied fieldwork, daily for 25 years, Anchorage Builders have led greenbuilding in the SE US by example.  We steadily introduce sensible new - and reinvigorate successful old - functional, beautiful architectural approaches, energy-efficient technologies, sustainable products and well-thought-through construction applications to the Chapel Hill NC / Triangle NC area & now in gorgeous Chattanooga TN.

Our business focus – Affordable Sustainability.

Our goal – to build you “the most for the least”.   Our process is homeowner-focused and is quite different than typical builder/homeowner relationships. First - the planning phase – we happily spend a lot of time value-engineering with you and our/your architect, for free, as a team, early-on, determining the very best construction methods and most sensible materials for your new home.  This deliberate planning can make your entire home functional and all its' spaces useful, not wasted.

Founded in the sunny, salty, humid, harsh, hurricane-prone coastal environment of Wilmington NC, we’ve learned the importance of micro-focusing on stout, sturdy, weatherproof, low-maintenance green-building techniques, while integrating super-efficient comfort systems.  In 25+ years in the industry, we’ve also learned to seek out and treasure the most key element in the equation - the magically motivating reciprocity of working with fun, happy, thankful clients. Talk with us, you’ll see. 

Passive Solar Homebuilding, It’s Been Around A Long While...

"Doth not the man who buildeth the house intend, principally, the making of it useful and pleasant?  Now in houses with a south aspect, the sun's rays penetrate into the porticos in winter, but in the summer, the path of the sun is right over our heads and above the roof, so that there is shade.  If then this is the best arrangement, we should build the south side loftier to get the winter sun and the north side lower to keep out the winter winds.  To put it shortly, the house in which the owner can find a pleasant retreat at all seasons and can store his belongings safely is presumably at once the pleasantest and the most beautiful.

- Socrates, ca. 470BC-399BC.

"You never change things by fighting existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."  - Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983)

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